Be Ready for the Future: 5 Easy Pieces for Aging In Place

Even as they age, most people want to remain in their homes. Here are 5 things they can do to help successfully age-in-place.

(1) Change knobs to lever handles or D-shaped pulls on doors, cabinets, and the shower. This helps those lacking hand strength or dexterity, due to problems such as arthritis, to open doors. And these changes are also good for all ages, since a lever handle allows someone to open the door even with full hands.

(2) Install firmly fixed handrails to both sides of steps and staircases for safety and greater security. Repair any loose steps. Don’t store or place anything on steps that could be tripped over. Even at a single step, there should be a handrail or grab bar to hold on to. Don’t rely on furniture that could shake or move.

(3) Place a light in the bathtub/shower enclosure. Too often a shower curtain darkens the area, plus most people are not wearing their glasses, making everything harder to see. A light can be permanently installed by an electrician or can be a battery-operated stick-up one. Just make sure it is rated for a moist location and place it where water will not hit it.

(4) Add grab bars to bathtub/shower to make it easier to get in and out. Grab bars do not have to look institutional. Today’s models come in many styles, colors, and finishes that can match your existing decor and color scheme

(5) Secure all rugs. That way, they do not move when you step on them. Remove all rugs with high or curled edges to eliminate a source of slipping and tripping.

Make these few changes now and be ready for the future.